N-2 rocket body fabrication

Today the airframe team was building the fiberglass rocket body.

First, a sheet of polyethylene is wrapped around the PVC tubes (one 56 mm and two 75 mm) that will serve as the mold. This was done to make it easier to pull the cured fiberglass out of the mold. The students initially used polyethylene sheets, but the wrinkles in the polyethylene sheets adversely affected the dimensions of the final product, so they explored other methods (such as using a cling film). In the end, none of the methods worked, and they came back to the first method.

The black part is polyethylene sheet
Resins to be used
Curing is accelerated when the catalyst is mixed with the resin. The color changes from blue to light blue.
Homemade platform
Wrap the glass mat around the PVC tube mold 3 times, apply resin and let it cure
Bubbles are present. Room for improvement.

07. November 2022
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