Testing flight computer using drone

Today, the avionics team conducted tests on the flight computer using a drone. The first test was to confirm the operation of the state machine. The flight computer of the N-2 rocket has a mechanism that detects and transitions between five states: initial state, ascent phase, apogee, descent phase, and landing phase.

The test will be conducted near a dam on campus. Just prior to the test, students from the GIS department were using a drone in a practical to measure the depth of the dam water.
Suspend the avionics bay as the payload
Drone begins to ascend

The operation of the state machine was successfully verified. The next step is the long-distance communication test. We confirm that the sensor and camera videos are transmitted via Wifi without any problems.

Direct the Wifi antenna at the drone to communicate

The test was a success, as sensor values and camera video were received up to 500 m, as expected by the N-2 rocket.

18. November 2022
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