Launch N-2 rocket

The day has come. We finally launched the N-2 rocket we developed.

N-2 rocket in flight

Preparations continued until late the night before the launch day. It was already past 8 PM when the team left the building.

This time three rockets were launched as the N-2 rocket family. They are named Tana, Galana, and Perkerra, respectively. These were named after rivers in Kenya.

Tana Rocket with a reaction wheel
Galana rocket which deploys the parachute by command from the ground station (manual override).
Perkerra rocket with attitude control using a canard

The following are some of the positive aspects of this launch.

  • Worked with KSA to launch three N-2 rockets
  • The solid rocket motors worked well. It was especially good to discover a technique for bending the edge of the combustion chamber with a hammer in the field.
  • Telemetry allowed us to downlink sensor data and camera images to the ground station
  • ESP32 reset problem was encountered in the field, but was troubleshooted by the avionics team
  • Pyrotechnic (crimson powder) worked and the parachute was released
  • Launch sequence was created and the team complied with it
  • Perkerra flew stable and achieved maximum apogee among three rockets
  • Airframe accommodated all the subsystems without failure

On the other hand, areas for improvement are as follows

  • Management issue
    • Development timeline
    • Avoid last minute work
  • Technical issue
    • Recovery system must be seriously prioritized
    • Entire rocket subsystems have to be redesigned for smooth assembly
    • Add internal memory to store the logging data
    • Launch pad needs to be paid attention as it is crucial

We had a post-flight meeting to discuss the way forward.

The internship which will begin next January will focus on improving organizational issues as a top priority.

23. November 2022
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