Visit Broglio Space Centre in Malindi

The Kenya Space Agency offered us to visit the Space Center in Malindi, and we were finally able to visit there with a team of over 30 people, including 3 faculty members from JKUAT, 21 students from Nakuja, 5 members of the nano-satellite development team, and also an intern from KSA. We are grateful to the Kenyan Space Agency for their kindness in covering the accommodations of the students. Despite some difficulties, we were finally able to obtain a school bus from our university. I would like to thank the university, especially the Deputy Vice Chancellor for his support, and the drivers who actually operated the bus. The trip was not short of topics, as the bus was unable to refuel in Malindi due to fuel shortages in Kenya, and an operation was carried out to have fuel delivered to the university to Mtito Andei, a stopover along the way.

The visit itself was very meaningful, and the biggest gain was that we were able to exchange opinions with people from the Italian space agency for the future launch of the rocket.

19. April 2022
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