Kenya Space Expo & Conference 2022

I am participating in the Kenya Space Expo & Conference 2022, which is being held for three days from June 15-17, with students from the Nakuja project. The Kenya Space Agency (KSA) is the organizer of the event and it is the inaugural event this time, whereas KSA plans to hold it annually. Nakuja students exhibited their N-2 rocket and enjoyed interacting with visitors.

I was invited as a panelist and had the opportunity to speak on the topic of Rocket Development in JKUAT. My session consisted of MIT researcher Gladys, Bell Textron’s Joshua, Prof. Hameer of Kenya Institute of Technology, Lt. Col. Nyawade from KSA, and the moderator was Prof. Mwongera of Kenyatta University. All the panels were fantastic people and we had a good time. After the session, I talked with them about the collaboration in the future. I am grateful to KSA for providing us with this valuable meeting place.

My session
Photo taken at the booth. In the center is the CS Defense and next to him is the DG KSA

17. June 2022
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