Final presentation by interns

Final presentations were held for the internships at Nakuja project (rocket) and Jibebe (electric vehicle). This year, 24 interns (19 from JKUAT, 2 from KU, and 3 from KSA) were accepted at Rocket and 12 at Electric Vehicle. The students who participated in the internship program will be presenting their achievement they have done for four months from January to April.

As guests at the presentation, we invited the DG of the Kenya Space Agency (KSA) and the CEO of an NGO (APDK) that manufactures wheelchairs and tricycles for the disabled. Since DG of KSA suddenly informed that he would attend, so we became very busy with reporting it to the VC’s office and arranging for tea and snacks. Eventually, in the evening of a day before, DG told us that he could not make it and he would send his deputy.

The students’ presentations at the results briefing were a success. Since we had three rehearsals for the rocket and two for the electric vehicle, we were not particularly worried about the presentation. What was good about the rocket was that the KSA director gave us positive words about support for the launch of the N-2 rocket and collaboration with JKUAT, and about the electric vehicle, he expressed great expectations for the commercialization of the electric tricycle.

The speech by the CEO of APDK was particularly passionate and moving. I reaffirmed that it is a very interesting challenge for me as an engineer to work on Nakuja, which pursues the distant dream of space, and Jibebe, which aims to solve a down-to-earth problem of supporting the handicapped in Kenya.

KSA sent a documentary film crew
Students participating in the final presentation

09. May 2022
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